Some might want to argue to point with me, but I think this is the best country piano intro ever. And I did have a hard time decided what my favorite was. My second favorite is the intro to George Jones’ I Always Get Lucky With You. The same player was at the keys for that song and this one: Behind Closed Doors by Charlie Rich. That player was Hargus “Pig” Robbins, one of Nashville’s legendary sessions players.

No one plays it cleaner or more tastefully than Pig Robbins. In addition to the intro, I went ahead and notated out the fills he played in the first verse. This is a great tutorial in country style piano.

  • Play when the singer takes a breath, or at the ends of phrases
  • Be selective in what you play. Less is better.
  • A little bent-note style goes a long way. It’s always amusing to hear pop players try to play country. They bend every note they can. That’s NOT the Nashville style.

To get the free lesson notes, click here.

To get a free mp3 file of the intro, click here.

To get a free mp3 file of just the piano fills on the verse, click here.