This is the ORIGINAL version of the song by Mark Chesnutt. I cover the George Jones' version in another post. The piano fills in each version are distinctly different, yet both result in the very satisfying Nashville sound. Makes me ready for some cornbread and sweet tea.

I don't hear as much classic country piano like this these days...but I don't want to be "that guy." Times change, styles change, and I love much of the new stuff too. But this style of piano was my best friend as I was learning my chops as a teenager and it's elegant simplicity can be quite deceptive. To play it well takes control. The rule "less is better' really does apply here.

Remember, if you want to sound like a pro, do what a pro does. I had my feeling hurt when I was 12 because someone said (and they didn't know I heard them), "That boy would be good if he didn't play so much. He must think he's getting paid by the note."

That crushed me! But it revolutionized my playing. I sought out some players who could help me fix the problem. And voila!! Ten years later, I had a full-time job with an award-winning group in the Christian music industry.

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