I came across this video on Youtube. The quality is less than stellar but it was fun to see myself 20 years younger. I was priviliged to play keyboards for the Nelons for several years. Rex Nelon was a man of great integrity and always had top-notch singers and musicians in his groups. Kelly has carried on that tradition of excellence.

check out this southern gospel piano intro

I wish I had room in this post to share all the funny stories of life on a bus with the Nelons. We travelled all over the country, cruised to the Bahamas several times, and performed over 250 times a year. One of the highlights of my tenure was getting to perform on the Dove Awards. Wayne Watson won’t remember this, but I was doing a piano riff in Take Off Those Rags Lazarus and I looked out and he gave me a thumbs up. I replayed that moment over and over.

I’ve enjoyed something that many musicians never get to enjoy: the opportunity to make a living full-time with my music.

Here’s the video: Singing in the Midnight Hour, The Nelons (circa 1989)

Want to learn that opening lick?

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